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  It is made high-quality acrylic resin, pigment and Germany additive with special process.
    Extreme mildew resistance, algae resistance and chalk resistance.Excellent protection against acid and alkali, wet scrub resistance and color retention A strong resistance to staining with smooth surface, extra resistance to weather.


1.Excellent heat insulation with elastic microvoids structure thermal conductivity lower than 0.10W/m.k

2.Outstanding elasticity and can cover fine cracks on walls

3.Excellent waterproof and breathing performance

4.Good alkali resistance and fungi and algal resistance

5.Excellentweatherability and color retentio

The inter-coat is a kind of high build elastic acrylic exterior wall coatings. which p

6.Good adhension, dir-pick-up property, and washability

The product is conform to National construction industry standard :JG/T235-2008